We electropolish straight lengths, coils, or fabricated spool pieces. We also electropolish small parts, fittings, and machined parts.  We electropolish per ASTM B912 and or ASTM A967.

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that effectively removes surface material and imperfections from metal objects. This process serves many purposes from cosmetic improvements to ultra clean surfaces.

Electropolishing is used to improve the corrosion and erosion resistance of the base metal. At the same time, it levels the surface using anodic dissolution to remove surface material. This process attacks and removes the microscopic peaks of a surface and smoothes the depressions, effectively streamlining the entire surface. There can be 1/10, one tenth, the surface area of an electropolished part when compared to the same part mechanically polished. 

Advantages of Electropolishing

The most noticeable advantage of electropolishing is the improved appearance of the surface area. This process allows for a microscopically featureless surface that is brighter, smoother and more reflective. Functional benefits include superior deburring, corrosion resistance, micro-finish improvements and reduced product adhesion.

  • Electropolishing improves the appearance of the treated metal by creating a smooth, reflective surface without the lines from abrasive polishing.
  • Enhances the mechanical properties of treated materials. It allows for less friction and reduces fouling, plugging, scaling and product build-up by effectively removing surface impurities.
  • The microscopic smoothness of an electropolished surface reduces contamination and adds substantial protection against tarnishing and corrosion.
  • The electropolishing process removes cracks and other surface defects, effectively improving the fatigue strength and relieving stress of the material.
  • Electropolishing can be used with materials that are too fragile to be tumbled or mechanically polished. Also, this process can polish areas that are inaccessible by other methods.
  • Electropolished surfaces can be cleaned in less time with less effort and allow for easier sanitation.

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